In silence everything

reveals its depth and

we find that we are

part of everything

around us . . .

Robert Sardello

Today is just the beginning….in the days ahead we

are called to find our voices, to be good citizens and

work toward the peace and justice that love ​​demands of us! 

​Sister Rita Petruziello CSJ   

Today many people are reverting

to tribal thinking, denial, fear, and

hatred, rather than turning to

compassionate, creative solutions

to real challenges of poverty,

climate change, and the many

worldwide forms of injustice.  


Circle the City with Love



The Mission of Circle the City with Love is to stand together holding

hands in silence embodying the power of LOVE that brings healing,

peace, and justice to our world.

February, 2017

Dear Friends, 

On behalf of the Circle the City with Love committee, I want to express my sincere gratitude to all who

participated in the events around the RNC and the Inauguration. Together we have created a movement!

We are now committed to ensure that standing for love that demands action goes on in our own personal lives

and together at significant times into the future.

We plan to support this movement by using our website as a resource. It is our hope that you will refer often to

it for updates and also to contact us with your questions, concerns, and suggestions. 


Sister Rita Petruziello CSJ

Our Mission  

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