In silence everything

reveals its depth and

we find that we are

part of everything

around us . . .

Robert Sardello

Today is just the beginning….in the days ahead we

are called to find our voices, to be good citizens and

work toward the peace and justice that love ​​demands of us!

​Sister Rita Petruziello CSJ   

​​​The Mission of Circle the City with Love is to

stand together holding hands in silence

embodying the power of LOVE that brings

healing, peace, and justice to our world.


Circle the City with Love 


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​CCWL- Release of Liability. CCWL is not responsible for any damages associated with CCWL Going National, including, but not limited to, injuries, omission, and errors. 

​​​Dear Friends,

THE MOVEMENT CONTINUES! Words alone cannot express the joy I felt during Circle the City With
Love - July 16, 2017, or the appreciation I feel for all who joined us and volunteered to make it happen. Hundreds of people from all over the country participated, including at the main event in Cleveland, and also in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Wheeling, and in Kalamazoo, to name a few. The common thread? We were all there to witness for love and for peace in a space where our intentions and voice could be heard, without ever saying a word

I would like to personally thank everyone who has supported Circle the City With Love, and let you know that we are building on new interest from millennials, along with some wisdom figures, we are forming a new committee in the hope of holding a large public CCWL event in Cleveland in 2018 and beyond. This committee hopes to build new relationships with individuals in the community who can help make this happen in our city. 

How can you help?! 
If you live in Northeast Ohio, please consider attending a meeting in September 2017 (dates TBD), to hear more about this movement and how you can contribute. 
Email me at by Friday, August 11 letting me know your interest in attending this gathering and I will follow up with some possible dates in the coming weeks.  If you have already signed up to serve on the new committee, please confirm by attending this gathering. 
If you live in other places throughout the world, stay tuned for future emails with details on ways to engage with CCWL. And finally, we hope you will stay connected to us via our website and Facebook page for updates on future events.


With love and gratitude,
Sister Rita Petruziello, CSJ

Our Mission  

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Today many people are reverting

to tribal thinking, denial, fear, and

hatred, rather than turning to

compassionate, creative solutions

to real challenges of poverty,

climate change, and the many

worldwide forms of injustice.  

Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM