Together in tranquility

The mission of Circle the Cities with Love is to stand together holding hands in silence and embodying the power of LOVE that brings healing, peace, and justice to our world.

To celebrate the mission in song, download the single, Circle The City With Love, from iTunes. It's also available on Spotify and YouTube.


Circle the City With Love Pledge

I pledge to be substance free, nonviolent and nonpartisan, putting the power of LOVE that brings healing, peace, and justice into our cities, our country, and our world, by standing/sitting in silence for one half hour in the spirit of love at this time of great unrest and turmoil and uncertainty around the globe.






Join us Sunday, July 29 at Voinovich Bicentennial Park from 2pm - 4pm 


In the Media

I wanted to do something to address the violence and anger in the world. It has to stop. It has to end. I don’t know how to do it, but these are the people who can do something. - Caroline Kovac, from Chardon
— Cleveland.com, (Circle the City, July 2016)
In a spirit of unity, interfaith clergy, community leaders and local residents held hands for 30 minutes of silent meditation to harness the power of love, peace, and justice our nation so desperately needs.
— Baltimore Post-Examiner (Circle the Cities, January 2017)


Footage from Past Events