A New Consciousness

Creation is an ongoing event, a dynamic relationship between divinity and creation, marked by an internal impulse to evolve toward greater wholeness and consciousness, While the natural world bears this inherent impulse toward unity, on the human level we have reached a level of intractable differences and find ourselves in a world of ideological polarities, conflict, violence and war. In our modern period we have fallen into patterns of competition, greed, selfishness, and individualism that are giving way to loneliness, isolation and global apathy.

We as humans are being called to a new consciousness. This is a consciousness that opposes power, control, and domination. Rather it is a consciousness of belonging, mutual respect, affirmation, participation, and creative Love by which one gives of one’s own life to foster life in others; a consciousness of shared values and shared goodness, a consciousness of belonging together and sharing a future together.

Let us Stand for Love together now and into the future!

Paraphrased from the work of Ilia Delio,
Theologian dedicated to the integration of science and religion

Sister Rita Petruziello CSJ

June 26, 2017