February 2017

I share these thoughts from my 10 years experience as Executive Director of River's Edge Spirituality Center. My time there was personally transformative. 

Because of the natural evolutionary process of moving forward, our world is in chaos.   The systems that worked for the 20th Century are not working for the challenges of the 21st Century.  This applies to all of our systems, economic, government, education, religious institutions, etc. Old ways are breaking into new ways of doing things.  This is a reason why so many folks are looking for change.

We need to continue to develop our awareness of the interconnectedness of everything and everybody.  Science and spirituality tell us that what happens to one happens to all.  Each one of us embodies light and darkness, good and evil, ignorance and wisdom   These dualisms are a part of the same reality. So again, what better thing to do than to embrace everyone with love no matter how different their beliefs and attitudes.  

The way to get there is to find the deepest part of who we are as humans.  The love that resides within each of us is capable of moving us forward into a new future.  It is only in silence that we cultivate this awareness.

At this time in our history, we more than ever need to put the power of love that brings healing, peace, and justice into the energy fields.  These fields hold memory and when we do this in silence and collectively it is very powerful. This too is a spiritual reality proven by science. 

Sister Rita Petruziello, CSJ

February, 2017


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