June 2017

Standing for Love is a Practice

Standing for Love in silence restores all that is lost and broken in ourselves. So too, we begin to realize that we are falling in love with each and every person in the world.

As we go on in this practice, we often fail. This is not an obstacle as long as we see our failure as just another opportunity to renew compassionate love for all in the midst of our wayward ways

As our fidelity to silence continues to deepen, we experience within ourselves how compassionate love uses us for its own purpose by inspiring, even impelling us to do what we can to ease the burden and calm the distress of those around us.   

Silence embodies compassion that forms the essential bond between seeking Love and all forms of social justice. The more we are transformed in Love, the more we are impelled to act with compassion toward others, to bring justice for all. 


Love is not really an action that you do:  Rather it is what and who you are in your deepest essence.

Love is a place that already exists inside of you. It is also greater than you.

You get more love by letting it flow through you. If you love, you will become more loving. 

Adapted from the work of Richard Rohr, OFM and Jim Finley

We are being called to a new level of engagement and action. Hard as it will be, we are called to take a radical dive into the deep listening that can reveal the new way forward. Let us commit to seeing the nourishment of our community in this very struggle. Only love can cast out hate, and we accept this challenge. 

Simone Campbell


Sister Rita Petruziello CSJ

June, 2017