It's Not Sentimental, Love is Powerful Force

Even if you weren't a devoted viewer of the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, you can be inspired by the words Bishop Michael Bruce Curry preached that day.

His powerful sermon celebrated the redemptive power of love. "There's power in love. Don't underestimate it. Don't even over-sentimentalize it. There's power, power in love," he shared with the crowd inside the church and the millions watching. "I'm talking about power. Real power. Power to change the world."

He quoted Martin Luther King Jr., The Bible, and from stories told by slaves living in the pre-U.S. Civil War era. 

He asks all of us to imagine and detailed the outcome of the power of love:

"Imagine our homes and families where love is the way. Imagine neighborhoods and communities where love is the way.

Imagine governments and nations where love is the way. Imagine business and commerce where this love is the way.

Imagine this tired old world where love is the way. When love is the way - unselfish, sacrificial, redemptive.

When love is the way, then no child will go to bed hungry in this world ever again.

When love is the way, we will let justice roll down like a mighty stream and righteousness like an ever-flowing brook ..."

To read his sermon in its entirety, click on this transcript published by NPR.

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