Circles 2019

This year, CCWL is branching out to YOUR neighborhoods!

This movement, spiritual in nature and proven by science, can bring love energy to all in its presence.

Please consider hosting your own Circle. Check out the information on the history of Circle the City with Love and the “How to Conduct a Circle” toolkit!

After your event consider posting day/time and pictures on social media.

The circle events this summer and Fall will culminate in one larger Circle on October 20, 2019 on Public Square in Cleveland. Join us from 1-4! No registration is needed!

Join us and stand in silence and united in love to bring peace, healing and justice to our city, country and world.

Organized in partnership with the YWCA of Greater Cleveland.

Check out this gallery of images from last year’s event by Mark Silverberg.

Get the Song

Hear the recently released Circle The City With Love single by Joe Petruziello. (He performed it live July 29 in Cleveland. You also can download it from iTunes or listen to a preview [and download it] on Spotify. Or listen to it on YouTube.).